The Briefing Room Ep. 10: Lasting Impact

Small Town Dicks

Mar 31 2023 • 40 mins

In today's briefing, Detectives Dave and Dan, and forensic investigator Paul Holes, share personal stories of traumatic events they experienced on the job that left them struggling with post-traumatic stress. Joined by guest host Yeardley Smith, they discuss why there needs to be a renewed focus on mental health treatment for all first responders, and the urgent need to redefine when and how police officers are able to seek help when they inevitably experience tragic events that leave a lasting impact.

This is the tenth and final episode of The Briefing Room Season 1. We hope you enjoyed the series, which ran during what would normally be a hiatus on the Small Town Dicks feed. Keep an eye out for Season 2 later this year. Meanwhile, we're back with Small Town Dicks on April 21!

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