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Desi Killers, Desi Kidnappers, Desi Criminals - find them here. Brought to you by Aryaan Misra and Aishwarya Singh. We are your one stop shop for all things Desi, and all things Crazy. Tooooooooo much of true crime is centered around America - New York murder this and Chicago Killer that. What about the Delhi Dons and Karachi killers and Bangladeshi Burglars?! If you are tired of the the same-old American murderer, British killer, Australian kidnapper, Canadian stalker… NO MORE! The Desi Crime Podcast brings DESI crimes. From India, Pakistan, Nepal and other brown communities, we’ll bring you cases that can only be described as Desi. Crimes that take place in the Indian subcontinent aren’t remotely similar to Western crimes— desi crimes are gory, complicated, corrupt and hardly documented. After thorough research on the most sinister cases, we’ll take you on a bumpy, jaw dropping ride around South Asia. Crime is a popular genre in India. CID was watched by boomers, John Grisham was read by millennials, and now, The Desi Crime Podcast is there for Gen Z.

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Introduction: The Desi Crime Podcast
39. Mysterious Disappearance of Sneha (Pt.2) - USA38. Mysterious Disappearance of Sneha (Pt.1) - USA37. Murder of Noor Mukadam - Pakistan36. Bikini Serial Killer : Charles Sobhraj (Pt.2) - India35. Bikini Serial Killer : Charles Sobhraj (Pt.1) - India34. Bed Box Murder (Pt.2) - India33. Bed Box Murder (Pt.1) - India32. Death by ‘The Devil’ : Anu Singh (Pt.2) - India/Australia31. Death by ‘The Devil’ : Anu Singh (Pt.1) - India/Australia30. Final Verdict : Jayaraj and Bennix - India29. Mysterious Disappearance of Jonathan Spollen - India28. Dancing on the Grave : Shakereh Khaleeli - IndiaTHUG LIFE #3 | Guinness World Record Serial Killer
You have heard of Ted Bundy, the Times Square killer, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper and on and on and on about a list of serial killers that haunt you in your dreams. The story we have for you today will haunt you even when you are awake. The serial killer we have for you makes the Ted Bundys of the world look like petty criminals, because today’s killer is the greatest, most hated, most terrifying serial killer in the history of mankind. Don’t believe us? Well, Guinness Book of World record calls him the most prolific murderer in recorded history. This is the story of the man who killed 931 people with his handkerchief; this is the story of Thug Behram. | Intro by ghostfml   Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime https://www.instagram.com/desicrime/ Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime https://twitter.com/DesiCrime?s=20 PLEASE become a Patron: www.patreon.com/desicrime   Sources : Links https://www.grunge.com/311843/the-tragic-story-that-inspired-mowgli-from-the-jungle-book/   https://www.jstor.org/stable/1417630?origin=crossref&seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents   http://amborish.com/what-thugs-of-hindostan-is-not-about-a-breathtaking-period-of-indian-history/   https://www.gutenberg.org/files/44881/44881-h/44881-h.htm   https://www.thehindu.com/books/books-reviews/the-lore-of-thuggee-and-how-the-british-ended-its-reign/article6435967.ece   https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/65647-most-prolific-murderer   https://starsunfolded.com/thug-behram/   Sources : Books 1. Thug - Mike Dash 2. Confessions of a Thug - Philip Meadows Taylor 3. The Thugee
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Desi Crime Intro Music27. Royal Family Massacre (Pt.2) - Nepal26. Royal Family Massacre (Pt.1) - NepalTHUG LIFE #2 | ‘Dilawale’ Dulhaniya Le Gaya25. The Mysterious Facebook Deaths - India24. Artists Gone Awry: Mumbai Double Murder - India23. Brothers in Blood: Familicide - Bangladesh/US