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How can French cooking methods improve the safety of your car? Why can’t you just settle on what movie to watch on Netflix? Why do you have to sign a credit card receipt for a pack of gum? This is Ideate. A podcast about the user experience of items we use every day. Hosted by The Smyth Group design team: Hiromi, Nikita, Aaron, Paul and Rob. read less


2: Television 📺 User Experience - Entertainment
Nov 18 2017
2: Television 📺 User Experience - Entertainment
TV - How could it improve? Episode 2 Show Notes Why has the television viewing experience become so fragmented? What has led to the state of the way things are? Where is the TV experience headed? This episode we explore these questions and more. The answers proved to be more complex than we were expecting, they include power struggle, patents, and Artificial Intelligence. 0:00 - Intro The state of the television viewing experience 0:05 - Jim Gaffiigan 1:50 - Tv shows cost a lot to produce, more than ever 2:25 - The cost of advertising 2:45 - The Geico television show Cavemen 3:20 - 30 Rock Snapple product placement 4:00 - Lore podcast and Amazon prime tv series by Aaron Mahnke 4:20 - Game of Thrones season 7 pirating 9:00 - TV Guide Patent 10:25 - Youtube TV review 12:30 - The Onion’s new Netflix browsing service 20:15 - “Why are remotes so awful?” on 22:35 - Logitech Harmony remote 23:20 - HDMI CNC (Consumer Electronics Control) Twitter account: