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#449: Building UIs in Python with FastUI
Feb 13 2024
#449: Building UIs in Python with FastUI
Building web UIs in Python has always been in interesting proposition. On one end, we have a the full web design story with artisanal HTML and CSS. On another end there are several Python platforms that aim to the bring RAD, rapid app development, style of building with Python. Those can be great, and I've covered a couple of them, but they usually reach a limit on what they can do or how they integrate with the larger web ecosystem. On this episode, we have Samuel Colvin to share his latest exciting project FastUI. With FastUI, you build responsive web applications using React without writing a single line of JavaScript, or touching npm. Yet designers and other tools can focus on React front-ends for a professional SPA like app experience. Episode sponsors bright data Sentry Error Monitoring, Code TALKPYTHON Talk Python Courses Links from the show Samuel on Mastodon: Samuel on X: FastUI: FastUI Demos: FastAPI: Pydantic: How Did REST Come To Mean The Opposite of REST Article: Tailwind UI: Dropbase: Anvil: Flutter code example: ReactJS code example: Watch this episode on YouTube: Episode transcripts: --- Stay in touch with us --- Subscribe to us on YouTube: Follow Talk Python on Mastodon: talkpython Follow Michael on Mastodon: mkennedy