The Stories of Mahabharata

Sudipta Bhawmik

A serialized story-telling of the epic The Mahabharata - part of the mythology of ancient India

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Mahabharata Episode 1: Beginnings
Mahabharata Episode 1: BeginningsMahabharata Episode 2: Amba’s PlightMahabharata Episode 3: Birth of the Kuru PrincesMahabharata Episode 4: The Conflict BeginsMahabharata Episode 5: The Guru ArrivesMahabharata Episode 6: A Show of ArmsMahabharata Episode 7: Drona’s RevengeMahabharata Episode 8: The Flaming House of VaranabataMahabharata Episode 9: Draupadi’s SwayamvaraMahabharata Episode 10: Draupadi’s MarriageMahabharata Episode 11: Dhritarashtra’s DilemmaMahabharata Episode 12: The Kingdom of the Pandavas and Arjuna’s ExileMahabharata Episode 13: Arjuna Abducts SubhadraMahabharata Episode 14: The Burning of the Khandava Forest.Mahabharata Episode 15: The Killing of Jarasandha and The Rajasuya SacrificeMahabharata Episode 16: The Death of SishupalaMahabharata Episode 17: The Game PlanMahabharata Episode 18: The Game of DiceMahabharata Episode 19: Draupadi’s InsultMahabharata Episode 20: One Last Game