Just Too Filmy with RoTalks

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Welcome to Just Too Filmy by RoTalks, the podcast you've been waiting for! Join RJ Rohini Ramanathan, now known as Rotalks, a veteran in Mumbai's entertainment scene, with over 17 years of experience and a digital presence that's second to none. She's your Bollywood BFF, hosting everything from Shahrukh Khan's birthday to owning red carpets across the nation. In this exciting new venture, Rotalks reinvents herself and the medium to bring you the ultimate Bollywood experience. Because when Ro Talks, Bollywood listens, and vice versa! Just Too Filmy is your go-to podcast for exclusive film conversations where we bridge the gap between films, stars, and fans, one release at a time, building a vibrant community of film enthusiasts. Join us for unconventional interviews, where we break free from traditional Q&A formats. Each conversation is based on a unique concept, promising a fun and engaging experience with your favorite celebrities. It's more than just an interview; it's a light-hearted treat for film lovers everywhere. Stay tuned for the ultimate Bollywood rendezvous with Just Too Filmy by RoTalks, where entertainment meets innovation, on HT Smartcast and all your favourite podcasting platforms! read less
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