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"IELTS Speaking for Success" is a podcast where a native English speaker answers IELTS speaking test questions. Every Monday Maria and Rory come together to discuss latest IELTS Speaking topics, go over useful vocabulary, grammar, and provide model answers and vocabulary to help you on your way to improving your general spoken English as well as achieving a higher band in your exam, all while having fun! Become a premium subscriber: https://anchor.fm/ieltssfs/subscribe Our website: https://successwithielts.com Free Transcripts: https://successwithielts.com/podcast#transcripts
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🤪 Season 2 Bloopers
2 mins
🎥 Cinema (S06E28) + Transcript🌋 New Places (S06E27) + Transcript🔍 Things you need to know on the day of the exam, coping with stress and requesting a remark🥂 Happy New Year (+ 2021 Bloopers 🤦)
2021 was intense 🤯 We're not even sure how much we've grown this year. As always, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who listened, messaged us with their IELTS results, commented, bought our course, signed up for our premium podcasts and supported us in any other way this year. We very much appreciate that.  We are wishing you a lot of SUCCESS (😏) in whatever it is you're doing and promise to keep you busy studying English this upcoming year... while having fun along the way, of course! Let's see what 2022 brings ✨ Stay tuned and have a wonderful next year wherever you are ✌🏻 Maria, Ivan, Rory and Danya ❤️ P.S. On the 3rd of January we will release our holiday special, which will be our longest episode to date (60+ minutes) where we take you through the whole IELTS exam procedure, talk about stress and set you up for success ✨ Our normal episodes will be back on the 10th of January. - Gift our premium subscription for Christmas or New Year: https://bit.ly/3lYgz00 Get exclusive episodes on IELTS Speaking parts 1, 2, and 3: http://patreon.com/ieltssfs Listen to our new podcast on IELTS Writing: https://fanlink.to/ieltswfs Our course on Phrasal Verbs: https://successwithielts.com/podcourses Transcript: https://bit.ly/transcripts06e26 Find an IELTS Speaking Partner: https://links.successwithielts.com/ieltspartner Find an IELTS tutor: https://bit.ly/3yxjnEJ Our social media: https://linktr.ee/successwithielts © 2021  Success with IELTS --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ieltssfs/message
8 mins
🚘 Driving (S06E26) + Transcript🏗️ Architecture (S06E25) + Transcript😪 Concentration 2.0 (S06E24) + Transcript💐 Flowers (S06E23) + Transcript🟦 Colours 2.0 (S06E22) + Transcript🐶 Animals (S06E21) + Transcript⛅ Weather 2.0 + Transcript (S06E20)📺 Watching TV (S06E19) + Transcript🎳 Spending time with others (S06E18) + Transcript🍃 Parks and gardens (S06E17) + Transcript👠 Shoes (S06E16) + Transcript🎧 Headphones (S06E15) + Transcript✍🏻 Handwriting 2 (S06E14) + Transcript📍 Getting lost (S06E13) + Transcript🥱 Tiredness (S06E12) + Transcript🎢 Amusement parks (S06E11) + Transcript