Ask Low Blows 24/9: The Spider Skinned The Cat

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24-09-2021 • 37 mins

@Davebandana: It turns out that it's difficult to get a good Internet connection on my new place. So what I'd like to know is what is the most difficult thing that you ever got that you originally thought would be easy and simple?   @cluelessnerd: is there anything you look at and think its so simple yet so effective? I re-watched Halloween over the weekend and the wide shots of Michael Myers looming in the background is so simple yet so effective! Some fantastic cinematography, such iconic movie stills   @seanmacsamhrain: Any thoughts on the announcements made during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase? With the standard of the two Spider-Man games so far, Wolverine should be unreal.   @seanmacsamhrain: Could WWE do a CM Punk-New Nexus style thing with Sheamus and Retribution? It would probably end up being horrible but I always thought Sheamus would be a good faction leader.   @HenderTheGreat: After past week this just had to be asked.... PWU Top 20 (no order needed as its kinda short notice) - Factions/Teams can count as 1...members can count individually so for example you could have Queens Court and Katey as separate entries   @joestodge: can you over simplify the story of a popular movie.   @Bryanamaniac: Wrestling Category Game!! ! You have to name wrestling moves that have the following in their title A Girl's name A Boy's name Food/Drink Animal Place Colour