Ask Low Blows 17/9: The Clap Has Happened

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17-09-2021 • 56 mins

@KentoCCFC: You've been abducted by aliens You can show them one: TV show (one episode) Film Wrestling match Irish comedian Who/what do you choose?   @Scott_Aspill: have everyone download the app Letterboxd and company each other’s MCU ranking   @SimpsonsWWE: The Olympia theatre is to be renamed under a new sponsorship deal with Three, can you ruin the aura of venue with a sponsorship deal?   @TerryVsMartina: I am pretty sure we have all been aggressive towards someone in the past you dont make it to 33 years old and not make mistakes With wrestling coming back were do you draw the line at giving someone a 2nd chance Obviously pedos and rapists dont deserve a 2nd chance just before someone takes me up wrong on what I am saying   @cluelessnerd: with more reports coming out seemly every week about talents contracts being up (KO and Sami Zayn being the lastest) how difficult do you think it'll be for WWE to retain talent now after a ppv like All Out/Bryan and Cole jumping ship to AEW?   @joestodge: What/who do you think there should there be a dark side of the ring on? My shout is Ian Rotten, everything that lad has done has been scummy and carny as fuck.   @RoscommDan: What’s a goodbye that you think should have happened but in the end, it didn’t? Some examples some people might give (not me)... *Lingard should have left Utd. *Phil retiring after the M.May match. *Samoa Joe should have never gone back to NXT   @Bryanamaniac: You are in a tag team match your partner is one of your co-host, your opponents are the other co-host & a partner of your choosing . Who is your partner and who is your opponent's partner