Budget Boost for Ministry of Human Capital, Mexico’s Economic Slowdown

Simply Economics, from Mexico

May 9 2024 • 5 mins

The Ministry of Human Capital receives a budget boost of $180,000 million. Mexico's economy slows down, impacting the maquila industry. Stay informed about the latest developments in the Mexican economy and the potential consequences for the allocation of resources and overall economic outlook. Sources: https://www.infobae.com/economia/2024/05/09/el-ministerio-de-capital-humano-recibio-un-refuerzo-presupuestario-de-180000-millones/ https://netnoticias.mx/juarez/economia-en-mexico-se-desacelera-e-impacta-a-la-maquila-imef Outline: (00:00:00) Introduction (00:00:40) The Ministry of Human Capital received a budget boost of $180,000 million (00:03:01) Mexico's Economy Slows Down, Impacts Maquila: IMEF