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DOP 255: What Is Developer Observability?
Mar 20 2024
DOP 255: What Is Developer Observability?
#255: In an era where software development and operations are increasingly converging, the need for effective and efficient observability tools has never been more critical. As systems grow in complexity and the lines between development and operations blur, the role of observability in understanding and managing these systems becomes more prominent. One significant problem is the dichotomy developers face: either being completely isolated from production observability data or overwhelmed by the volume of information available, most of which may not be directly relevant to their specific tasks. In this episode, we talk with Liran Haimovitch from Rookout about developer observability. This concept prioritizes making observability tools and data accessible and understandable for developers, allowing them to gain insights into how their code operates in production environments. This shift is not about discarding the importance of operations in observability but rather enhancing the collective capability of teams to monitor, diagnose, and resolve issues more effectively.   Liran's contact information: X (Formerly Twitter): LinkedIn:   YouTube channel:   Review the podcast on Apple Podcasts:   Slack:   Connect with us at: