Honda Elevate | MotorInc First S01E09

MotorInc First

Sep 13 2023 • 36 mins

Honda returns to the SUV game with the Elevate SUV. Honda's pulled out all the stops, we're told, for the Elevate. The new Honda SUV is a logical car, not a very emotionally appealing one. But there's good pricing and some really great things about the Elevate. On MotorInc First, Kartikeya and Shumi break down the new Honda SUV. ~ MotorInc First is a discussion between experts Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi (Shubhabrata Marmar), co-founders of MotorInc on new vehicles. Each episode will discuss one vehicle in great detail, covering the experience of driving or riding it, as well as what it means for the industry. ~ CHAPTERS 00:00 Honda Cars and India 02:15 Make Or Break 04:30 Honda's Not Given Up 07:05 Elevate Styling 10:41 Suspension 12:51 Engines & Performance 16:00 Value For Money? 19:55 More Equipment Needed! 21:30 Exciting To Drive? 23:15 Honda Long Term Plans 25:00 What's Missing 26:18 Are The Japanese In Trouble? 32:00 A Quick Summary 33:27 Closing Comments ~ Motor Inc social media channels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ~ Website: ~ #MotorInc #MotorIncFirst #Honda #Elevate #SUV #HyundaiCreta #KiaSeltos #SkodaKushaq #volkswagentaigun #vwtaigun #FirstDrive #firstimpressions #Firstlook