Ather 450S | MotorInc First S01E07

MotorInc First

Aug 14 2023 • 30 mins

Ather's created a new entry price point into their range with the introduction of the 450S. It looks the same as the more expensive 450X but it has a smaller battery with 90km of range and a clever LCD screen instead of the touchscreen on the X. Ather also uses this smaller battery and lower output motor output configuration to create the Ather 450X middle model which is kinda confusing for sure. Kartikeya and Shumi are discussing the new model and the confusion/opportunity it represents on MotorInc First


MotorInc First is a discussion between experts Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi (Shubhabrata Marmar), co-founders of MotorInc on new vehicles. Each episode will discuss one vehicle in great detail, covering the experience of driving or riding it, as well as what it means for the industry.



00:00 Introduction

02:14 What's the Ather 450S For?

04:35 Time For a Design Change?

06:33 The 7-inch LCD Screen

08:34 New Switchgear

10:07 The new 450X 2.9kWh Model

11:36 Regen During Coasting

12:35 Connectivity Updates

14:25 ProPack & Fast Charging

16:01 Who Should Buy a 450S

18:37 Versus Which ICE Scooters?

19:42 Getting Confusing!

20:55 New Software Features

22:08 Subscriptions Are Hard To Accept

24:55 Scooters Used To be Simple!

26:08 Which Ather Would Shumi Buy

27:18 Will the 450S Outsell 450X?

28:07 Ather 450S Summary

29:33 Closing Comments


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