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Amazon's Big Bet on the NFL
Amazon's Big Bet on the NFL
Another rough week for the stock market coincides with Amazon's exclusive start to Thursday Night Football. (0:30) Emily Flippen and Ron Gross discuss: - FedEx shares having a historically bad day amid talk of a recession - Adobe spending $20 billion for a start-up software design firm - Optimism around Starbucks after an impressive (and detailed) investor day - Twilio laying off 11% of employees - Two business leaders and their legacies (19:45) John Ourand from the Sports Business Journal discusses Amazon's investments in NFL programming, Disney's thinking about ESPN, college football playoff expansion, and story lines for the MLB playoffs. (35:30) Ron and Emily share two stocks on their radar: Union Pacific and Costco. Stocks discussed on the show: FDX, ADBE, SBUX, TWLO, AMZN, DIS, AAPL, UNP, COST Host: Chris Hill Guests: Emily Flippen, Ron Gross, John Ourand Engineer: Dan BoydGenetically edited humans are already here. Gene editing has massive implications for treating chronic illnesses and even the food we eat. So what does this mean for your investments and, y'know, possibly humanity? Ricky Mulvey talks with Motley Fool Advisor Karl Thiel about: - How CRISPR works - Some of the possibilities for CRISPR, from sickle cell cures to drought-resistant crops - How investors can approach investing in gene therapies - Biotech metrics to watch. Companies mentioned: BLUE, CRSP, GILD, EDIT, VRTX, NTLA Host: Ricky Mulvey Guest: Karl Theil Engineers: Tim Sparks, Dan Boyd