Ep 1 - Wellness - Illness Continuum | Journey towards Fitness

Wellness Lifestyle Podcast

Dec 21 2020 • 16 mins

The Illness-Wellness Continuum proposes that individuals can move farther to the right, towards greater health and wellbeing, passing through the stages of awareness, education, and growth. Worsening states of health are reflected by signs, symptoms, and disability. In addition, a person's outlook can affect wellness. According to the concept, a positive outlook will enhance health and wellbeing, while a negative outlook will hinder it, independent of the current health status. For example, a person who demonstrates no symptoms of disease, but is constantly complaining, will be facing the left side of the Continuum and away from a state of high-level wellness. Conversely, a person with a disability, but who maintains a positive outlook, will be facing to the right, toward a high level of wellness.

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