Ep 108: Charlie Engle, from Being a Drug Addict to Running 5000 Miles Across Sahara (2 Marathons a Day for 111 Days), and Finding his Life with Running

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Feb 15 2023 • 57 mins

In the 108th episode of Run with Fitpage, we had the global ultramarathon legend, Charlie Engle. In this episode, Charlie talks about his love for running, his escape from drug addiction, building a running group in the prison, and much more, with our host Vikas Singh.

Charlie Engle is a global ultra-endurance athlete and founder of the 5.8 Global Adventure Series, one of the most ambitious expeditions in modern history, trekking from the lowest to the highest points on all seven continents. He is also one of the most accomplished ultramarathon runners in the world, completing hundreds of races around the world. His incredible determination and athletic ability were profiled in the film, Running the Sahara, produced and narrated by Matt Damon. The documentary highlighted his historic, record-setting journey across the world’s largest desert, running nearly two marathons a day for 111 consecutive days, for a total of more than 4,500 miles.

Charlie’s memoir, Running Man, (Simon & Schuster) became a bestseller shortly after it was published in 2016. While the book details his inspiring life story, it’s about more than just running. It’s about facing demons, overcoming impossible odds, keeping your sense of humor, and discovering the redemptive power of putting one foot in front of the other, even when you feel like you can’t keep going. Charlie practices yoga and meditation, and therapeutic breathwork, and uses other cutting-edge treatments like cryotherapy, infrared therapy, and hyperbaric therapy to stay sharp and healthy. He’s also been a plant-based athlete for over 20 years.

Find Charlie here:
Website - charlieengle.com
Instagram - @charlieengle

About the host
Vikas hosts this weekly podcast and enjoys nerding over-exercise physiology, nutrition, and endurance sport in general.  He aims to get people to get out and 'move'.  When he is not working, he is found running, almost always.  He can be found on nearly all social media channels but Instagram is preferred:)

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Vikas Singh

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