Ep 171: Low Carbs Diet, Type 1 Diabetes and Living Well with Dr. Andrew Koutnik

Run with Fitpage

Apr 18 2024 • 58 mins

In this episode of Run with Fitpage, we have Dr. Andrew Koutnik discussing a very important condition, especially in India - Type 1 Diabetes. Dr. Koutnik also discusses his personal journey with Type 1 Journey, tips to manage it, the latest research and alot more with our host, Vikas Singh.

Dr. Andrew Koutnik is a distinguished researcher delving into the intricate interplay between nutrition, metabolism, health, disease, and performance. With an academic foundation forged at Florida State University and a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences from the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, his work explores the profound impact of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle on metabolic health. Personally managing Type-1 Diabetes for over 12 years, Dr. Koutnik brings a unique perspective to his research, blending scientific inquiry with firsthand experience. His expertise spans the realms of metabolic therapies, disease prevention, and performance optimization, making him a sought-after authority in the field. Through ongoing research projects, he endeavors to unravel the complexities of metabolism and leverage lifestyle interventions for better health outcomes.

Explore more about his insights and contributions at his website, andrewkoutnik.com.

About Vikas Singh:
Vikas Singh, an MBA from Chicago Booth, worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, APGlobale, and Reliance before coming up with the idea of democratizing fitness knowledge and helping beginners get on a fitness journey. Vikas is an avid long-distance runner, building fitpage to help people learn, train, and move better.
For more information on Vikas, or to leave any feedback and requests, you can reach out to him via the channels below:
Instagram: @vikas_singhh
LinkedIn: Vikas Singh
Twitter: @vikashsingh101

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