Mia Moore #3: Intro To Ancestral Eating And Shattering Flawed Conventional Wisdom

The B.rad Podcast

Feb 10 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

It’s been a long time since Mia Moore was last on the show (listen to her previous appearances, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff,Becoming More Conscious In Relationships and How To Be More Chill from the expert herself here) and today we will be focusing on a question I have received numerous times over the years: what to do when one person in a relationship is more devoted or interested in ancestral eating than the other?

How do you get them into it? As you’ll hear Mia explain in this episode, you can’t—because when it comes to any type of diet or major life change, the person has to be ready to do it. “It has to come from them” according to Mia. She talks about her health journey, sharing what foods she eliminated first, the ingredient she loves too much to cut out entirely, how her diet has changed since meeting Brad, and advice for getting loved ones interested in eating healthily.


For a person to change the eating patterns, they have to be ready to do it. [01:50]

The first step is getting rid of the oils and sodas, processed foods from your kitchen. [04:23]

“Eating in moderation” is often used as an excuse to eat some of the wrong things that are driven by marketing forces. [06:58]

Anyone who takes a step away from unfettered access to indulgent foods is going to have a huge health awakening, [11:15]

If your sleep habits are not good…if you stay up late, it is easy to get the munchies and go for the junk foods. [16:10]

The standard western diet has been a widespread dismal failure resulting in the fattest sickest population in the history of humanity. [19:29]

Why is cereal the breakfast food that is so common? When the tobacco companies began getting criticized, they bought many of the major food companies and continued the same advertising methods. [22:18]

Our ancestors ate meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Grains appeared with the advent of civilization. [25:30]

Grains are a staple around the world and have been for hundreds of years. [30:53]

Of course, as we try to emulate some of the features of ancestral living, we need to adapt to modern times. [32:38]

It is very important to consume the food that is produced in a healthy manner like pasture-raised chickens and eggs. [35:42]

Some people exploring the carnivore diet, are fighting autoimmune diseases. [39:10]

In raw form, plant toxins are especially concerning. [40:21]

Your health is greatly affected by diet, but you must also look at the sleep and exercise patterns. [43:57]

Doctors are not there to be health and nutrition counselors, but sometimes they give advice in that area that may not be well-founded. [46:44]

The changes in modern society of having two parents working and more activities outside the home has made junk food almost obliterate the home cooked meals. [51:11]

In summary, look at what you can adapt from the evolutionary diet and get more movement in general. The path to fitness is not necessarily a struggle. [54:58]



  • "If you simply eliminate processed foods, you can't get fat." (Dr. Robert Lustig)
  • "The greatest shift in the history of humanity was the shift away from hunter gatherer lifestyle to civilized lifestyle." (Jared Diamond)

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