Welcome To The B.rad Podcast!

The B.rad Podcast

Aug 17 2018 • 3 mins

Welcome to the B.rad Podcast!

This show is about pursuing peak performance with passion throughout life. This is the mission I want to inform, inspire, and motivate you to join me on! The B.rad podcast show covers diet, fitness, peak performance, personal growth, relationships, happiness and longevity. I'm serious about my peak performance goals and the information I share, but I think we can all benefit from a light-hearted approach to kicking ass - so you'll get the message with a sense of humor and a little spice at times.

The B.rad podcast delivers lively mix of long-form interviews with unique and super-interesting guests - bestselling authors, thought leaders and champions, detailed presentations from me to get you focused on optimal diet, exercise, sleep and recovery practices, and brief “Breather” shows where I give you a short message about the important topics I cover in detail during the interviews and longer presentations. You'll learn from some of world's leading experts on ancestral health, athletic performance and recovery, healthy relationship dynamics, sleep, stress management, mindfulness, how to focus in the age of distraction, and many other interesting subjects. My favorite part of about the podcast is learning life-changing insights from these amazing experts and sharing them with you. Check out my podcast website to see some of the great interview guests and engage with all the content.

So, I'm a former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete, Guinness World Record setting speedgolfer, New York Times bestselling author with Mark Sisson - we've written many books together and promoted the Primal Lifestyle for many years and of course host of this Apple Podcast top-10 ranked FITNESS category podcast. Today, my passion is sprinting and high jumping in masters track and field. My expertise comes from elite athletic performance, and that certainly frames my message today. I'll help you sort out what's hype from what's sensible, and make sure that your fitness and athletic goals successfully support health and longevity.

Oh another thing - I'm trying hard to be myself at all times, and be open, completely honest, authentic, and vulnerable. We have so much great information these days, but there's also too much posturing and promoting and showing off to the extent that it's easy to feel like you're falling behind and not enough. I want us to do the best we can with our current circumstances, and get away from superficial motivators and the measuring, judging forces of modern life. When I was a professional triathlete, I learned that it was critical to release the attachment of self-esteem to the outcome in order to be your best. Instead, its essential to cultivate a pure motivation and an intuitive approach to peak performance goals - to get over ourselves and appreciate the process of personal growth.

Thank you so much for finding the B.rad podcast and checking it out. I encourage you to connect on email: podcast@bradventures.com or with me on social media. It's time to B.rad!

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