We Declare: It's Going to Be A 'Hot Mom Summer'; w/o The Ozempic A$s! (...We Think)

Geriatric Mamas

May 8 2024 • 1 hr 14 mins

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss seven tips for feeling like your best self this Summer, aka having a ‘hot mom Summer’! Sonia shares her experience with postpartum swelling and the the importance of lymph node drainage for new moms, particularly those who have had a C-section. They weigh-in on diet and exercise tips for women in their late thirties and early forties from Sonia’s Massage Therapist, adopting alternative eating styles from a couple of ‘blue zone’ countries, preloading as described in Dr. McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss Program; and if none of that works…. there’s always fasting or Ozempic… (Totally kidding!)

For a full list of resources mentioned in this episode, please visit the show notes here!

Topics Discussed on This Episode:

  • Let’s Get Our ‘Hot Mom Summer’! (15:12)

  • A Water Retention Situation (17:50)

  • The Benefits of A Lymphatic Drainage Massage AKA Tip #1 (20:06)

  • ‘H.M.S.’ Tip #2 (23:12)

  • ‘H.M.S.’ Tip #3 (28:42)

  • ‘H.M.S.’ Tip #4 (36:22)

  • ‘H.M.S.’ Tip #5 (58:04)

  • ‘H.M.S.’ Tip #6 (59:54)

  • ‘H.M.S.’ Tip #7 (01:01:27)

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