Episode 28: Episode 28: The Vest Protocol for Medical Intuition

Journal of A Medical Intuitive

May 3 2024 • 51 mins

In this episode I review the major steps in the Vest Protocol for Medical Intuition I have developed for teaching the modality. I have been teaching medical intuition for many years and have received good feedback from both clients and students on the efficacy of the Vest Protocol. I go over my multi-step method that includes: 1) Setting up Sacred space 2) Self Inventories 3) MRI scanning 4) System scanning 5) Zoom in scanning 6) Clairaudient clarification 7) Telepathy with organs 8) Aura-Wrapping 9) Emotional Scanning and 10) Spiritual scanning/Akashic Records. I also discuss some of my experiences with developing this method and share some of my pedagogical views about and precognitive visions of the field. I welcome your comments and feedback. To learn more about my courses visit drvestmedicalintuitive.com I am currently offering a $50 off coupon for medical intuition this weekend only.  Simply input coupon code PODCAST in the cart on checkout (expires May 5th, 2024).  Follow me on instagram @SpiritTeacher