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Jennifer Lisa Vest

What is Medical Intuition? What causes illness? Why do some people stay sick when others do not? How are past lives related to illness? Why don't health diets and treatments work for everyone? This podcast is devoted to these types of questions and also includes channeled guidance  about the Coronavirus, the global shift in consciousness, and earth changes.

Healer and Mystic Dr Jennifer Lisa Vest has worked as a medical intuitive for the last ten years and teaches a medical intuition certificate course. With a background in science, philosophy and spiritualism, Dr. Vest combines the rational and the intuitive in her analyses of illness and health. She earned her bachelors degree in Physics and her PhD in Indigenous Philosophies from UC Berkeley and was a Professor in Philosophy prior to leaving the Academy to work full time as a Medical Intuitive.

She works as a healer, medical intuitive, and life purpose coach and teaches healing and psychic arts in addition to running ceremony and teaching ceremony.  For five years she ran the Transformation and Wellness Faire in Long Beach, taught Psychic Development,  Mediumship, Akashic Records, and Reiki, among other courses. She runs the Women of Color Medicine Series Program in Oakland and San Francisco.

Dr. Vest offers guided meditations/Otherworld journeys for universities and organizations

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Episode 26: Episode 26: Psychic Kids
Apr 23 2024
Episode 26: Episode 26: Psychic Kids
In this episode I talk about psychic kids, my own experiences as a psychic kid and share some information received from my guides about the higher incidence of psychic gifts being found in the newer generations: Gen Z and Alpha kids. I also discuss mental illness, neurodivergence and its relationship to psi gifts.Thank you for supporting my podcast. If you would like to learn more, consider taking a class from me,  following me on instagram (@Spiritteacher), or reading my highly rated book, "The Ethical Psychic: A Beginner's Guide to healing with Integrity"I have a new live course launching on May 2nd on The Shift Network: Psychic Development, Mediumship & Your Soul’s Growth: Journey to Activate Your Greatest Spiritual Gifts & Fulfill Your Life’s PurposeUse your gifts to serve the greater good in specific ways you’re called to contribute Facilitate soul growth by harnessing your supersensory gifts’ connection to consciousness and ascension Expand your consciousness and boost your gifts through specific Indigenous meditation techniques from a combination of Indigenous traditions habits, and practicesGrow your awareness by optimizing spontaneous out-of-body experiences Explore Indigenous medical mediumship and medical mysticism traditions for working with the ancestors to heal communities, countries, and the worldI also have an on-demand class on the Akashic Records which will teach you how to access your own akashic records so you can ask important questions about your life purpose and your gifts. You can access it hereCheck out my other courses and free resources on my website: