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Up My Own Hole ~ Getting Right Down Under

Mar 13 2024 • 1 hr 20 mins

Failte a chairde

I am delighted to share with you, for those who haven't hear of him before, the amazingly talented, well informed and a man who likes to stay on the right side of history no matter what the case. An avid campaigner on a wide range of issues and especially ones most of us would know nothing about.
this is exactly why I wanted to get him on to share his knowledge with us and of course share his talents with us also.

His new song "Cyclonic" is out now on Spotify. It's a rap about the addiction to gambling and its an incredible insight into to the mind and day to day activities of someone in the midst of a downward spiral. Absolutely outstanding work, especially when thankfully Brian has never had to go through it him self. A fantastic song and song writing.

Of course a Cork man too ;)

unfortunately my mic was never picked up so its a bit different but I think I edited it well and we certainly got the information across.

Enjoy my friends,


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