#30 Interview with Aimee Huffman - Athlete Turned Holistic Coach, Trainer, Yogi

The Aging Athlete

05-10-2021 • 35 mins

Please join me as Aimee Huffman - Athlete Turned Holistic Coach, Trainer and Yogi -shares with us why she started helping others with their health and how she can help you.  Aimee is a native Texas girl who  lives in Austin and she has been coaching individuals for over 15 years.

Learn how Aimee approaches the aging process and why mindset is especially important for us as we age.  Aimee has also been successful in helping people to overcome nagging injury issues.  From beginner to seasoned athlete, Aimee focuses on recovery, nutrition, proper mindset and she is provides a FREE mental training guide on her website (go check it out!).


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