Do Powdered Ketones Really Work?

Rock That Keto

Mar 25 2021 • 3 mins

Do Powdered Ketones Work? ( If you have already tried keto, or if you are on it now, you have probably heard about powdered ketones. The idea is appealing.  You put this pleasant tasting powder in a drink and voila! You are in Ketosis. Not so fast. Sorry to burst your bubble. That’s not how it works. Ketones are released in the blood when the body switches it’s energy source from sugar to fat. It’s called being in ketosis. It’s the holy grail of the keto diet. So let’s think of ketones like smoke coming from a fire.  The smoke/ketones let you know there is a fire burning somewhere. The fire is ketosis Can there be smoke without a fire?  Oh yes, definitely. When I was a kid we played with fireworks of all kinds .  Firecrackers, rockets, cherry bombs, and …..smoke bombs. These smoke bombs were little round balls with a fuse. Light the fuse, and smoke will pour out with no actual fire.  Powdered Ketones are smoke with no fire If you take enough powdered ketones, also called exogenous ketones, your blood will show a higher ketone level.  But how did they get there?  Is there smoke with no fire? Did fat cells actually get used up and create the ketones as a side effect?  No. No fat cells got used. No weight was lost. But do powdered ketones work to lose weight? Smoke doesn’t cause fire. Fire causes smoke. You can’t burn something by putting more smoke around it. You have to start the fire first, then the smoke comes.  You have to get your body to start burning fat, then it will give off ketones into the blood. You can’t put the ketones in and then think the body will start burning fat. Sorry. There are no studies yet that show any significant weight loss benefit from powdered or exogenous ketones. Anyway, what if you couldn’t get them for some reason? It’s much better to depend on our own system and our regular supply of food. That is something you can control. Do powdered ketones work? Not for weight loss. Maybe they have some other benefits. Ok.  But to lose weight, it’s Keto ON! If you like these tips and would like to get more keto tips, endless recipes, and lots of inspiration, then come to our free website and sign up for our mailing list. ( .  Act! Don’t React! Have a Happy, Healthy Day Livtar