Keto Breath - 6 Ways To Fix It

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Feb 22 2021 • 5 mins

Keto Breath - 6 Ways To Fix It ( OK, I’ll admit it right up front. You can have a problem with bad breath when you are doing Keto. Like most keto diet problems, it happens more often in the early stages of the diet when your body is adjusting. Like temporary brain fog, which happens when your brain has to get used to burning fat instead of sugar, the breath can be ‘off’ for the same reason. The body is adjusting. But it can also be a combination of things. For example, if you don’t brush or floss your teeth, you are probably going to have bad breath on or off of keto. 1. If you have true ‘Keto Breath’  it will be a sweetish, almost metallic smell. That’s because, believe it or not, the body makes ketones when it gets into ketosis. Some of those same ketones are found in nail polish remover! Don’t worry, you aren’t poisoning yourself.  But your breath may smell a little like nail polish remover for a few days. It goes away and it’s harmless. 2.  Dry Mouth.   This can be from dehydration. Many a problem in keto can be fixed by staying hydrated...with electrolytes! If you can’t afford electrolytes, then you can sprinkle a TINY amount of salt in a glass of water. You can also try the mouthwashes made specifically for dry mouth. 3. Too Much Protein If you overdo the protein, you will have an ammonia problem. The breakdown of proteins in the body produces ammonia, which has a strong smell. Readjust your macros and make sure you aren’t overdoing the protein. 4. Oral Hygeine The title of this is keto breath - 6 ways to fix it. It sounds fancy but sometimes it’s just old fashioned brushing and flossing that’s needed. I use those little pre made floss picks so I can grab and floss. I never do it when it involves the string thing. IMPORTANT!  Scrape the back of your tongue!  Most bad breath comes from the back of the tongue. You can use your toothbrush just fine. At the end of brushing, use the brush all  the way to the back of your mouth on the tongue surface.  5. Watch Out For Artificial Sweeteners Stay away from these artificial sweeteners. 1. Sorbitol 2. Maltitol 3. Splenda 4. Maltodextrin (which is also used as a pesticide) 5. Vegetable glycerin They can cause gastrointestinal problems which may end up as your problem. Plus they can mess with your blood sugar levels. 6. Try using natural breath fresheners Instead of store bought gums and mints, try chewing on something natural, like they used to do. Here are some suggestions: Fennel seeds Parsley Rosemary Cinnamon Clove Marjoram Cardamom That’s keto breath - 6 ways to fix it.  Hope it helps. If you like these tips and would like to get more keto tips, endless recipes, and lots of inspiration, then come to our free website and sign up for our mailing list. ( .  Act! Don’t React! Have a Happy, Healthy Day Livtar