This Is Me

Meditation for Women

May 22 2024 • 15 mins

Join Premium! Ready for an ad-free meditation experience? Join Premium now and get every episode from ALL of our podcasts completely ad-free now! Just a few clicks makes it easy for you to listen on your favorite podcast player.  Become a PREMIUM member today by going to --> Allow your eyes to close,  And feel your body relax.  The weight of calm is running down, And melting you at max. PAUSE… She calls you to surrender,  Your ego at the door.  She asks you to let go of, Who you’ve been before.  PAUSE… Your best self calls upon you, She whispers in your ear. She wants you to be able, To live not ruled by fear.  PAUSE… So come inside and find your breath,  And feel the fateful pull. She waits for you to make a choice, To live your life so full.  My best self knows when to move, And when to take a rest.  She’s aware of all my boundaries,  But pushes me past my best.  PAUSE… She always knows the larger truth, What I can’t always see.  I am capable of so much more, So many possibilities beyond me. LONG PAUSE… If I sit down and tell the truth, I often keep her at bay.  I ignore her voice inside of me, And excuse the thoughts away.  PAUSE… Because what she says quite often feels, Like impossible tasks and chores. Not only will they test me,  For others, they may cause wars.  PAUSE… There’s a mix of fear and wonder, That others have when they, See you as your best self, Creating your own world today.  PAUSE… On one hand, some will marvel, At how you blow past your goals.  On the other, some will hate you, For exposing their own holes. PAUSE… But as time passes, you will know, That your best self is wise.  You’ll see that all of that, Is noise above which you rise.  LONG PAUSE… Your best self only wants, For you to live life your way. To push yourself past your limits, And find the joy and play.  Namaste, Beautiful 💗💗💗 Check out all the deals from our incredible sponsors here! -->   💗💗💗 Check out all of our other podcasts at To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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