Meditation: I See You, Mama

Meditation for Women

May 18 2024 • 9 mins

Join Premium! Ready for an ad-free meditation experience? Join Premium now and get every episode from ALL of our podcasts completely ad-free now! Just a few clicks makes it easy for you to listen on your favorite podcast player.  Become a PREMIUM member today by going to --> Today’s meditation is a chance to feel showered with love and appreciation for the work you do as a mother.  I see you, mama. Relax your body, And find your breath, Bringing your attention to its gentle rhythm calming you, And slowing you down. Breathe… And be here. PAUSE... I see you, mama.  I see the way you love, And the way you care. The way your heart holds your kids. PAUSE… I see the hugs you give, and your desire to make a difference. I see the sacrifices you make, The special moments you create, And am in awe of your resilience. PAUSE... I see the way you stretch yourself, And the endless pools of energy you find. I see the work you do when no one is looking, And the details you’re constantly engineering. PAUSE... I see the mistakes you’ve made, the doubts you have, and the ways you’re not your best.  I see your exhaustion, your fears and your low moments. But I also see the light inside of you,  Your kindness, Your tenderness. PAUSE… We are one, sweet mama, You and me, Made of the same powerful magic. I honor you today, my love, Because I see you and your light. Namaste, Beautiful. 💗💗💗 Check out all the deals from our incredible sponsors here! --> 💗💗💗 Check out all of our other podcasts at To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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