OC231 From Bank Robber to Recovery Advocate. Author Patrick O’Neil on Recovery from Heroin Addiction, 12 Step, and Refuge Recovery

Sober: The One Day At A Time Recovery Podcast

Oct 6 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Today my guest is a prolific Author, Teacher, and Peer Recovery Counselor, Patrick O’Neil. I had so much fun talking to Patrick! He is a kind and generous soul with so much wisdom to share. He clearly has done a ton of recovery work and has dedicated his life to helping others to heal.

Patrick shares his recovery story today, along with his moment of clarity and the multiple programs he participated in to get and stay sober since 2001. I just know you’re going to appreciate him as much as I do. So with that, please enjoy this episode with Patrick!

Connect with Patrick!

Visit Website: https://patrick-oneil.com/

Follow on Instagram @patricksoneil

Watch on YouTube: ​​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNuRolkOZ7X8fCEFCDYd5tg

Lightning Round Answers:

Book recommendation: Permanent Midnight, Jerry Stahl

Favorite Quote: Don’t be an asshole

Self Care Practice: 20 minutes meditation, read “upon awakening” big book pages 86-87

What I wish I knew: Not to take myself so seriously, and it’s okay to make mistakes

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