Ep 100: Learn to Systematically Set Fitness and Life Goals for 2023, and Achieve Them

Run with Fitpage

Dec 22 2022 • 35 mins

We are at episode 100, indeed a special moment for us. Thanks to all our old and new listeners for believing in what we are doing through our podcast. While Run with Fitpage started with a long-term perspective, we chose to grow step by step, episode by episode, week by week.

In this episode, our host Vikas Singh talks about setting goals. Goal-setting is an art, it requires a system, requires discipline. You will learn that how setting too big or too small goals may lead to failure of execution, and how to systematically plan and execute your fitness goals for 2023!

Vikas hosts this weekly podcast and enjoys nerding over-exercise physiology, nutrition, and endurance sport in general.  He aims to get people to get out and 'move'.  When he is not working, he is found running, almost always.  He can be found on nearly all social media channels but Instagram is preferred:)

Reach out to Vikas:
Vikas Singh

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