Ep. 27 - TJ Belanger: Strength and Power Development in Athletes

The RAD Lab

Oct 4 2023 • 45 mins

In this episode of the RAD Lab podcast, Liam speaks with Director of Student Athlete Innovation and Sport Performance at Yale University, TJ Belanger, about strength and power development in athletes.

TJ defines the fundamental systems with which he trains his athletes and how he manages year-round programming for three different sports. We learn about the style of training TJ employs depending on the time of year, type of sport and individualisation required for each athlete.

Liam and TJ also discuss the importance of communication between athletes and coaches, and why building a sustainable team environment is fundamental to success. He provides us insight into how he manages this role in his workplace and the tools that are needed to lead a department.

Tune in to learn how you can program to develop strength and power and what goes on behind the scenes at a D1 college strength and conditioning environment.

TJ Belanger

Liam Haintz

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