EP 45: The ongoing SIEGE of Jadotville. MORAL INJURY

What Makes the Difference

Mar 7 2024 • 49 mins

We are talking with Leo Quinlan about Moral Injury and how that has affected not only the men who served and fought at Jadotville. It affected the families and communities around them.

You can find Leo here: https://moralinjuryinternational.com/about-ushttps://lqart.ie/product-category/original-landscapes/

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00:00 Introduction

01:48 Collective Moral Injury

03:14 Moral Injury International

05:19 Background to Jadotville

07:48 Duty of Care

09:40 Injury to the soul

12:00 Silent Fathers

15:40 The wrong man returns

18:31 Operation Hurricane

22:38 We came to help

23:34 Double Whammy

25:50 Community

29:48 Gift of Service

30:50 75,000 Suicides

34:42 Generational Suffering

39:18 Boots in the Mud

41:30 He was a Victim

42:00 Art of Being Present

44:58 Reason to get up

46:46 Key takeaway

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