Phoebe Taylor : Creative Business Beyond the Binary

The Thick of It with Jo Gale

16-03-2022 • 51 mins

This week on the thick of it, I have a great conversation with my friend Phoebe Taylor. Phoebe Taylor is an artist, mindful mover, community maker and creative director of Okay Shoe. Phoebe and I met through the movement community here in Hamilton and have connected in other ways as well. In this conversation we talk about how our business has shifted and evolved during the pandemic, about how creativity threads thought our work and also about reality TV. This conversation is playful and especially great for folks out there who are entrepreneurs, navigating change in their business.

In her own words: Phoebe utilizes her multi-hyphenate skills and interests to explore the intersection of art, mindfulness, intuition and movement. She creates space to explore these ideas through art-making, facilitating creative community-play, creative coaching and teaching movement. They create work for the big feelers and collective thinkers, and aim to inspire creativity in us all. Phoebe dreams of liberation for all and a safe and loving world for every human to express their inner weirdo freely and that one great rock show can change the world.

I really enjoyed chatting with Phoebe! You can check out all the things Phoebe is up to on her websites: and on her Instagram.
I kind of casually mentioned that this MIGHT be the last season of the thick of it in this episode. I plan on taking a break from podcasting for an indeterminate amount of time, but I’m always open to new opportunities. If you have any of those, don’t feel shy!

See you next time, with the FINAL episode of season 1 of, the Thick of it!

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