Elevating Your Life: Overcoming Haters and Naysayers

None Of Your Business Podcast

Feb 21 2024 • 14 mins

In this episode, we explain the concept of allowing people to fall away as you grow and elevate in life. We explore the challenges of maintaining relationships as you strive for success and the potential for raving fans to become haters. We also address the importance of not letting yourself fall away from your goals and the need for continual growth. Join us as we share their insights and advice on navigating the changing dynamics of personal and professional relationships.

00:00  - Introduction
01:19 - New Season, New Chapter
02:59 - Elevating With Your Circles
02:12 - The Gap Between You and Them
07:25 - Allowing People to Fall Away
11:43 - Resisting Comparison Syndrome

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