Geriatric Mamas Podcast - Official Trailer

Geriatric Mamas

Aug 11 2023 • 3 mins

Geriatric Mamas is a real and unfiltered podcast about life as advanced maternal aged mamas hosted by Jessica Rizzieri and Sonia Tapley. Neither of them were familiar with the term Geriatric Pregnancy before getting pregnant. Who is?! They’ll be sharing fertility journeys, birth stories, parenting, recipes, health and wellness, funny stories, and whatever else their old AF geriatric hearts desire! So, follow along and join the conversation as they lean in to geriatric parenthood!

You can submit your story and/or any guest request inquiries, comments or corrections you'd like to share with the Geriatric Mamas for this trailer here!

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Resources mentioned in the trailer:

U.S. Census Bureau

Overall fertility trends from 1990 to 2019 were relatively stable, compared to previous decades but varied significantly by age, according to a Census Bureau analysis.

The analysis, which looked at Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics data, shows fertility rates of women ages 20-24 declined by 43%, while those of women ages 35-39 increased by 67% during the roughly 30-year period.It’s Happening!!

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