84 - Dos & Don’ts of Medication while healing w/ Dr. Kennedy

Thought by Thought Healing

Sep 9 2023 • 38 mins

If you’re in chronic pain, you have struggled with the question of medication.

And if you’re on the journey to reversing chronic pain through understanding the mind body connection, then you are probably wondering what your relationship with drugs and medication should look like.

Here are some of our answers. I hope it meets you where you are at.

Here is Dr. Rebecca Kennedy’s Future Website: resilience-healthcare.com

Introductory Course to Covid and TMS: • Chronic Symptoms and the Nervous System • Long COVID class 1 Introduction

Here is her Bio: I am a family medicine physician with a lifelong interest in the mind body connection. I initially went into medicine because of my fascination with the body’s ability to heal itself. After two decades of treating patients with the typical medicines and procedures, I have finally found what I was looking for with this new model to treat chronic symptoms and help people heal themselves. I grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan and attended Vassar college. I graduated from the University of Michigan medical school in 1999 and moved to Portland Oregon for residency in family medicine at OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University). After years of seeing patients with many chronic symptoms we couldn’t effectively help, it didn’t make sense to me that we couldn’t do more. I developed an intense curiosity to see what other information was out there. I searched for years, constantly learning about new science and different approaches. Fortunately I learned of Howard Schubiner MD and David Clark MD and the new model I had been searching for. I learned everything I could about this approach and have been successfully using it with patients at Kaiser Permanente and will open my own practice in the fall with this model as the sole focus of my practice.

If you are looking to reverse your chronic pain or symptoms, reach out for a free consult.

Website: thoughtbythoughthealing.com

Email: thoughtbythoughthealing@gmail.com

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