87- Pitfalls in the Healing Journey - Dr. Justin Barker

Thought by Thought Healing

Oct 14 2023 • 54 mins

Dr Barker and I talk about a few of the pitfalls that are common in those trying to heal from TMS, and then we discuss how to introduce flexibility in the journey of healing that meets *your* personal needs in order to heal.

I loved this conversation - Since Dr. Barker is both a TMS recoverer AND a psychologist, even the way he tell his healing story is bound to help you in your journey.

Here is his bio: Dr. Justin Barker is a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles that specializes in the treatment of TMS as well as anxiety and OCD. Dr. Barker became passionate about TMS after healing from four years of chronic back pain using a TMS approach. In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, Dr. Barker has collaborated with Dr. David Schechter and is the co-author of The MindBody Workbook Volume Two as well as the co-creator of the MindBody Healing Journey Video Course with Dr. Schechter. Dr. Barker also co-leads a TMS Healing Group with Dr. Schechter which provides a group format to learn about and heal from TMS.

Here is his website: https://www.drjustinbarker.com/

If you are looking to reverse your chronic pain or symptoms, reach out for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for my program called "Conquering Chronic Pain through Science & the Gospel."

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