Navigating Disordered Eating & Embracing Body Neutrality with Psychotherapist Ariel Newman

Love Your Body Now

Jan 15 2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

Get ready to dive into some real talk with Ariel Newman, a psychotherapist who specializes in eating disorders and body image. In this episode, we're pulling back the curtain on these tricky issues that seriously mess with how we see ourselves and live our lives.

We chat with Ariel about her move from working in schools to private practice, getting a unique view on how common these problems are among teens and why we all need to be more clued up and supportive.

Ariel shares some super practical tips for anyone dealing with body image struggles. We're facing those stereotypes and pressures society throws at us, all while pushing for a mindset of body neutrality and self-love. You'll get pointers on connecting with health professionals who are all about health at every size and why feeling good in your skin is more about how you feel inside than what others think.

Join us for an eye-opening episode that's not just about learning but feeling empowered. Let's navigate the tough but crucial topic of eating disorders and body image.

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