Sharing My Career Journey & How I'm Redefining Success Beyond the 9-to-5

Love Your Body Now

Feb 26 2024 • 31 mins

Let's talk about the rocky road of self-worth when your job feels like it defines you. I'm sharing my personal story on how I've navigated my career so far in my 20s. This episode is all about reshaping success in a way that feels right for you and getting clear on separating your worth from what you do for work.

And we're wrapping it up with a look at the guts it takes to step away from the usual career route. I'll spill the beans on the mix of excitement and nerves when I left a safe marketing job to craft a life that's totally me—launching a marketing agency and a clothing brand. This chat is for everyone who's dreamed of a career that's fulfilling and aligns with their passions. It's all about encouraging those who want a more balanced and flexible work life. Join me for a talk that's about growth, being true to yourself, and creating a career that just fits.

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