How We Scaled Our SaaS Past 200 Customers with Product-Led Growth?

B2B SaaS Podcast

Sep 25 2023 • 17 mins

Brendan Weitz, Co-founder of Journey, joins host Upendra Varma to deep dive into how his company is revolutionizing the B2B sales and marketing realm with an innovative storytelling format. Brendan walks us through how Journey emerged from a prototype to a game-changing tool, aiming to make B2B transactions as seamless as B2C purchases on platforms like Amazon.

Key insights from this episode:

  • The inception of Journey and its mission to create a captivating buying experience for sales and marketing teams.
  • How Journey transcends the conventional 16x9 presentation format to offer a more interactive, mobile-first experience in an asynchronous remote world.
  • Brendan's take on targeting sales and marketing sectors, yet being open to a wide range of storytelling use cases.
  • A snapshot of Journey's current customer base (around 200 customers) and its freemium model attracting tens of thousands of users monthly.
  • The product's self-sufficient viral loop driving 50% of their signups, and their aspirational aim to match viral growth akin to tools like Loom or Calendly.
  • A nostalgic journey into Brendan's past roles at major companies like Facebook, AdRoll, and Quora, and how these experiences shaped Journey's growth.
  • The vision of Journey and its future go-to-market strategy.
  • Team dynamics, funding details, and Brendan's ambitious outlook for the platform.

You can also watch this episode on youtube here.