40 & Fertile AF!

Geriatric Mamas

May 23 2024 • 1 hr 8 mins

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss some of the latest fertility and longevity information; also, Sportscaster Erin Andrews is teaming up with Enfamil to announce a $50,000 commitment to Baby Quest, the Patients of shuttered fertility clinic are shocked to learn the man who treated them was not a licensed medical doctor; and giving birth at an ‘advanced maternal age’ may have a huge perk… Listen as they weigh in! Also… don’t forget to follow @Geriatric_Mamas on ‘TikTack’!

For a full list of resources mentioned on this episode, visit the show notes here!

Topics Discussed on This Episode:

  • Welcome to Forty & Fertile AF! (20:22 )

  • More on Psyllium Husk From The Last Coffee Convos (20:48)

  • Erin Andrews Says She’s Found Comfort In Sharing Her Experiences with Fertility & Motherhood (28:40)

  • Women With Fertility Issues Are Getting Pregnant After Using Popular Weight Loss Drugs (37:02)

  • Does Serotonin Increase Fertility? (48:53)

  • Patients of Shuttered Fertility Clinic Were Treated by Someone Who Was Not a Licensed Medical Doctor (54:22)

  • Are Women Who Have Babies Later in Life Living Longer?! (1:01:23)

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