A Prehistoric Birthday Special With BFF Guests Tiff & Mama Manda!

Geriatric Mamas

Feb 22 2024 • 1 hr 16 mins

On this Prehistoric Birthday Special episode, Sonia and Jessica are joined by surprise guests Tiffany Baynard and Amanda Allen to discuss stories and experiences about aging, keeping children safe at the pool, strangers invading their children’s personal space in stores, answer questions from Instagram followers, aka talk through their memorable (& geriatric millennial) concert experiences and weigh in on emotions surrounding the gender reveal of their children. In summary, this episode is proof that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

For a full list of resources and photos mentioned, please visit the show notes here!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Surprise! Go Shorty It’s Your Birthday! (1:04)

  • Trying to Pop the Champagne (4:14)

  • Tips on Becoming a Fossil (5:57)

  • Intro to Birthday Special! (11:23)

  • Keeping Babies Safe At the Pool & Hot Tub (12:17)

  • Personal Space with Babies in Stores & Handling Unwanted interactions (22:09)

  • Jessica Answers Questions from Instagram Followers (46:42)

  • The Best Concert Jess Has Ever Been To (57:06)

  • See What Our Instagram Followers Had to Say To Finnish the Sentence: We’re Geriatric Mamas, Of course We! (1:03:33)

  • Jessica Drops a Bomb, The Girls Had No Idea This Had Happened! (1:11:24)