Geriatric Coffee Convos: We’re ‘Old Moms’, Of Course We Talk About It On A Podcast!

Geriatric Mamas

Feb 1 2024 • 1 hr 18 mins

On this Geriatric Coffee Convos episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss how they got through the two week wait after doing IVF embaby transfers, the latest instagram reel trend (but make it the ‘we’re old moms’ version), they weigh-in on the surrogacy gestational carrier who was asked to terminate a healthy pregnancy by intended parents story, and give an update on the status of their new year’s resolutions.

For a complete list of resources mentioned on this episode please visit the show notes here!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Welcome to Geriatric Coffee Convos (13:34)

  • Anonymous Facebook Post About the IVF Two Week wait (14:56)

  • ‘We’re Old Moms’ Instagram Reel (27:58)

  • Intended Parents Demand Surrogate Terminate Healthy Pregnancy — But She Decided to Have the Baby Anyway (37:46)

  • The Follow Through On NYE Resolutions (51:14)

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