"Nothing is impossible" Audrey Hepburn- What is Circadian Rhythm? S2E15

Live Your Luxe Life

Apr 22 2022 • 11 mins

Welcome to Live Your Luxe Life. Thank you for joining me for another episode.

Have you been using your gratitude journal that we committed to doing together in Episode 2? Let's continue to reflect on our daily lives in our gratitude journals.

This week's quote is by Audrey Hepburn, let's discuss it!

How are you taking care of yourself daily? Are you sleeping well or having trouble sleeping? There's more to it than you think. Join us today as we discuss Circadian Rhythm.

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Key Points - Transcript

I have a quote that I can't believe I haven't presented before. This is actually 11 of my favorite quotes, I might have said that before, but I really do mean this is one of my favorite quotes. I even have a shirt with Audrey Hepburn on this quote. The quote reads, "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I'm possible". Think about it. How could you think that anything in this world is impossible? How could you think that anything in this world is not within reach? Of course there's a lot of things that you feel like, okay, well I don't have the money to buy this or I don't know this person to be able to network with them, but there's so many ways that you can figure out a way to get to where you want in life. There's so many ways to figure out how to make money. I mean money doesn't grow on trees, but there's a way to make it if there's a will, there's a way have you heard that saying? So don't give up. Don't ever think that just because something seems so impossible that it's something that you cannot achieve in your lifetime because I'm telling you, you absolutely can. Do you think that I ever thought that I'd be starting my own podcast? Did you ever think that I'd figure out how to do all the technical things that I need to start a podcast? I had no idea what I was doing when I started this, I figured it out along the way when I thought it was impossible. Guess what it became possible. Just put one ft in front of the other. Don't think about the negative. Don't put those fake thoughts into your, into your mind, into the universe and think that you can't achieve whatever you want to achieve whatever you put your mind to. You can do it whatever goals that you have, whatever dreams that you have up on your vision board, they will come true. Why? Because you're going to work towards them. So don't forget that.

We all have a natural internal biological clock system The way I like to think of it is that it keeps you in tune with the world clock. Circadian rhythm controls your physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle. We as humans can completely throw your daily cycles off by changing our patterns. Circadian comes from the Latin word Circa around and diem day.

This information is just to be used as informative I’m not a healthcare professional you should seek advice from a professional if you have more questions

We are all In sync with the rising and setting of the sun. Plus a small area in the middle of our brain has its own clock that controls our patterns naturally. This controls how or when we produce melatonin even our metabolism. Your body will normally be more tired at night and more alert during the day.

Many things can throw off your circadian rhythm including your sleep patterns, traveling in a different time zone that causes Jet Lag, the seasons of the year, and daylight savings time. So if you hang out all night or work late nights this completely throws your body off.

This brings up another topic of the senate approving no longer having daylight savings times. We will always be in this time period. However, I don’t know how I feel about this. There are times I love when it’s dark earlier in the day but other times I love when it stays lighter longer in the day. I would love to hear your feeling on this. Ok so back to the topic lol

Personally, my trouble sleeping has a lot to do with my sleep patterns which is all over the place. I work long days and sometimes late nights. Honestly, it’s just bad habits and yes I'm working on them lol. Even with my red-light therapy which does help me to sleep more soundly. I still control what time I decide to go to sleep at night.

Even eating a snack before bed or late at night can throw off your circadian rhythm.

Abnormal circadian rhythms may be linked to obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and sleep disorders such as insomnia.

So yes it can disrupt your mood, being able to concentrate and stress.

Your body goes into its deepest sleep between 2am to 4pm that’s when you’re body gets the most deep sleep. But in turn your body also recognizes the time between 2pm and 3pm as the best time to nap. So try not to nap after 3pm. A quick afternoon nap between that time will revive your mood and alertness.

The best way to control your circadian rhythm would be to keep a schedule for sleeping, daily walks, workouts, sleeping in darkness without tv or electronics.

For a while I had downloaded a circadian rhythm app that would alert me throughout the day. It would alert me on times to eat when to get sunlight throughout the day. There are actually prime times to step outside to get sunlight if you work indoors

Because I am a nerd by nature I signed up to participate at a well known local institute that monitors circadian rhythm but I never heard back from them. But it’s something you can do on your own and like I said there are many apps some are free that you can track yourself.

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