Learn How You Can Live Full Out By Being Kind To Others

Living Full Out Show

Jan 27 2024 • 52 mins

Show Theme: Being Kind To Others
Show Title: Learn How You Can Live Full Out By Being Kind To Others
Episode: 2024.10.4

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to be kind to others. Often, we may be frustrated with those around us. Maybe you have an agitating family member. Perhaps your partner has forgotten to take the trash out one too many times. Join Nancy as she discusses how you can choose to face situations like these with good intentions in your heart.

Our first caller Joey is struggling with balancing work, school, and his social life. He asks if Nancy has advice on how to manage his time better. Nancy advises Joey to compare how he feels when missing out to how he feels when he is not putting work first, to help him better decide on where he wishes to put more of his time. Tune in to discover how you can work towards managing your days in a positive and productive way.

Our inspirational guest Beth Fochtman knew from a young age that she would want a family. Coming from a loving home where her parents both had two siblings, she knew she would want multiple kids in the future. Beth met her husband and after trying for two years, she became pregnant with her baby boy Logan. For 8 ½ months it was a pregnancy like any other until one day Beth would pass out on the bathroom floor. Her husband found her, and she was rushed to the hospital, tragically however they would end up losing their baby due to complications with a liver tumor. Tune in to learn how Beth was able to heal from one of the hardest losses imaginable and continue to spread Logan’s story.

Perhaps you have suffered from hardship in your everyday life. Maybe you have struggled to find yourself after facing loss or disappointment. Taking these experiences and growing to become a better version of yourself through them exemplifies what it means to live full out.

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