Learn How You Can Pick Yourself Up As You Live Full Out

Living Full Out Show

Jan 20 2024 • 52 mins

Show Theme: Pick Yourself Up
Show Title: Learn How You Can Pick Yourself Up As You Live Full Out
Episode: 2024.10.3

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to Pick yourself up. Everyone can begin to feel down at times. Maybe you have suffered from the loss of a loved one. Perhaps you are struggling with mental health. Join Nancy as she discusses how you can motivate yourself to keep pushing forward in the face of challenges.

Our first caller Kat has issues with her mental health. As a result, her apartment continues to be messy, which stresses her out even more. She asks Nancy how she can keep her space clean. Nancy advises her to get some bins that she can store her clutter in. Nancy also tells her to try to keep her inorganization in one room, and when she finds a moment, to clean it then. Tune in to discover how you can manage your time and find motivation for everyday tasks.

Our inspirational guest Autumn Asphodel was born a biological male. As a young boy she struggled with having a neglectful mother who would constantly dote on her sister. At age nine Autumn moved in with her loving and supportive grandmother. Autumn always felt like she was a girl from a young age and struggled with her identity. She would choose to go through hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery later in her life. Despite these positive changes to herself, she continued to struggle with who she really was. She had 4 different personalities and would be diagnosed with a personality disorder. Autumn would work three long years to integrate these alters together. Tune in to learn how Autumn was able to endure in the face of questioning her entire identity and begin to piece herself together into the confident woman she is today.

Perhaps you have faced a loss that you feel you can never recover from. Maybe you have been dwelling on what you should have done or could have done. Taking the time to grieve and be down, then motivating yourself to push forward and continue on exemplifies what it means to live full out.

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