Learn How Being An Overcomer Will Provide You The Drive To Live Full Out

Living Full Out Show

Feb 10 2024 • 52 mins

Episode: 2024.10.6

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to be an overcomer in the face of adversity. Perhaps you’ve been hit with an unexpected health crisis, or maybe there are obstacles that could stop you from getting your education. Join Nancy as she discusses the importance of embracing resilience.

Our inspirational guest, David Garlock, faced sexual abuse along with his brother for years. When the boys finally had enough, they took the life of their tormentor. Sentenced to jail, David spent the next 13 years in prison. Tune in to discover how he turned his life around upon release, advocating for criminal justice reform and assisting ex-offenders in their efforts to re-enter society.

Perhaps the darkness of your past makes you pessimistic about your future. Instead of focusing on what has already happened, think about what you want your life to look like. By finding your purpose and being compassionate to yourself, you can build your ideal reality. When you view your journey as a continuous opportunity to learn and grow, you are living full out.

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