6 tips to get the most out of your B2B video marketing budget in 2023

Death to the Corporate Video

Jan 19 2023 • 34 mins

As you are planning how to use your video marketing budget for 2023, you likely want to get as much value out of your dollars as possible. In this episode, Guy and Hope share six tips for getting the most out of your B2B video marketing budget

How to get the most out of your B2B video marketing budget

  1. Keep in mind the 60/40 split. Spend 60% of your budget on branding activities, 40% of your budget on activation.
  2. Find budget efficiencies by batching your video production projects. If you have limited budget, don't just make one video. De-risk yourself by making several different spots that you can use, test, and find what works best.
  3. Have your strategy and messaging finalized before you start creating video or any other expensive creative assets.
  4. Align your budget proportionally along the sales funnel for video production. Spend the most on awareness/top-of-funnel spots and less as you go down.
  5. Identify one channel that generates the most leads. Create content that works specifically on that channel, instead of trying to make content for every channel.
  6. Invest your budget in creative, not production.

For more on each tip, listen to the episode or read the transcript.

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