Why Leadership Fails

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Can good leaders fail? In a world where accomplished leaders are seen as invincible, where they've reached the pinnacle of success, this key question has been on my mind, and perhaps yours too. Well, even the most exceptional leaders fail along the way. While they may not be vocal about it to the world, but these very setbacks are what often pave the path to their success. Ever wondered about these untold real life stories of vulnerability, hidden failures and unexpected twists that redefine success? Probably a tech glitch that became an innovation breakthrough or a failed marketing campaign that culminated into a new business strategy. Why leadership fails is a podcast where there is no typical gyaan, no stereotypical tales of glory. Instead, we bring to you unscripted, unfiltered conversations, about real life experiences of influential leaders navigating challenges, embracing failures and redefining success. Stay tuned to Why Leadership Fails with Bhavna Lalchandani, to know more! read less
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