How to make a game-changing B2B video ad

Death to the Corporate Video

Nov 3 2022 • 33 mins

In this episode of “Death to the Corporate Video,” we’re spilling our biggest secret: how to make a game-changing video ad for your B2B brand.

The process doesn’t start with a video shoot, and it doesn’t even start with coming up with an idea. The way to make a video ad that will be most effective for your brand is to start with a detailed strategy. Once you have that, you can move into concepting.

Throughout the episode, Guy and Hope give advice for marketers on everything from:

  • How to run an effective brainstorming session
  • The important of hiring the right copywriter for your video script
  • Why you shouldn’t skip the storyboarding step
  • The best places in the process for a snack break

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